Art Tourism is a mobile App serves as different solutions for two different roles in the art market. For users who have interests, it helps to schedule their art theme trip for holidays and keep track with the artist that they like. For artists or galleries, it is a promotion and advertisement platform to reach potential customers.

    Art Tourism aims to connect potential customers with emerging artists.The design attempts to guide users becoming passionate collectors from explorers of art world through entertaining tourism.The ultimate goal is to bring sustainability into art industry.

  • Background- Chinese Art Market

    Based on McKinsey's economic research, the population of Chinese middle class and the amount of their general consumption are rising dramatically. The consumption pattern is changing from practical consumption into intellectual consumption. The research established by Artron in 2012 indicates the fact that China comprises 41% of global art consumption share in the same year.

  • Issues

    Most of the fine art consumers are from affluent class and majority of them are buying art from big scale galleries, who has the capability to represent the “Blue chip artist,“the most famous artists. Minor galleries, which usually represent emerging artist, have difficulty to compete with big scale gallery. 80% of artists facing difficulties for their career.




Interaction Design