• Introduction

    COFTI provides a simple option to people who drink both tea and coffee. It targets new trend consumers who have a small family and pursue high-quality living. It is designed to help organize and minimize the clutter in a family's living place while still enjoying the experience of brewing coffee and tea.

  • Market Research

    1. Workers aged 18-19 spend 24-74 dollars per week on coffee. Workers aged over 47 spend 14-15 dollars per week on coffee.
    2. 42% of age 18-24 Americans prefers coffee, which is the same percentage as tea drinker in the same age group.
    3. 82% of tea or coffee drinkers enjoy their beverage at home.

  • Sketch

    Concept Development

  • 3D Modeling & Rendering

    Concept Development

  • Efficient Storage

    A French press can be used to brew both coffee and tea. Detachable handle allows the french presser and a cappuccinos cup store into the kettle.

  • Fashion Trend

    Color Trend Study For Consumer Products