This is an interaction design concept developing project. Our goal is to occupy the boring waiting time for the coming train with an interesting interactive advertisement. We aim to transform the busy atmosphere in the subway with consumer-created art.

A big digital canvas placed in a subway station that can interact with commuters by their smartphones and provides commercial value at the same time. A large QR code is displayed on the screen and passengers can scan it for a free download Subgallery App. When a passenger downloads the app he can log in and scan the big digital screen with his phone and begin to paint and creatively alter the image. For the car ad, the passenger can choose the color spray to paint on the digital screen. The app also allows passengers to choose various colors and painting functions such as an eraser or pencil.It allows multiple users to login and paint at the same time so, for example, parents can paint with their kids. On the left of the big digital screen, it displays important train schedule information. If the train is about to arrive, the screen alerts the passenger with an alarm.

There is great cultural potential in addition to the obvious advertising potential in this process. The creativity of participants can become performance shows in the busy and dull subway. The work of artists can be kept and displayed, which can add new value to the subway station experience.




Interaction Design/Concept Development